Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Isaac Jones

This site documents the family of Isaac Jones (~1783 - 1821) and his wife Malinda {Clayton}* Jones of Columbia County and Morgan County, Georgia. This Jones family is connected in, as yet, unknown ways to a number of other families in the eastern Georgia area including Shaddix, Clayton, Whatley, and others.

* The use of {} brackets denotes undocumented information. The use of [] brackets denotes my research notes.

Family Trees

Isaac Jones Descendants 3 generations only

Allied Families

Robert Clayton (ca 1775 - >1860) of Georgia
John and James Shaddix of Georgia
Nathan Jones (? - ?) of Georgia

Seaborn Gideon Barnes Jones of DeKalb County, Alabama

Photos (TBD)

Research Notes

Maps (TBD)

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