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Columbia County Neighbors

Columbia | Sullivan Creek, Little River area

Columbia Co., GA ca 1805

Beginning in the 1770’s, numerous people began crossing the Savannah River and migrating into Columbia County. Frequently, the settlers were from Virginia, North and South Carolina, Maryland or others colonies. Some of the original settlers acquired their lands by headrights or bounty land grants. After February 17, 1783, State Legislation was passed which provided each head of the household headrights. A married man could obtain 200 acres, plus 50 additional acres for each member of his family and each slave at a cost of from one to four shillings per acre. During the late 1700’s or early 1800’s, what appears to be a very popular location to catch the ferry from South Carolina over to Georgia was a place located in the northeast corner of Columbia County just below Kegg Creek; or just below what is known today as Clarks Hill Lake. The road leading from the ferry down to the Village of Appling, the present county seat, was called Scott’s Ferry Road. The area surrounding Scott’s Ferry Road and Petersburg Road was a very popular place in the early 1800’s. The original settlers were not only friends and neighbors, but their children often married each other. Consequently, people would often be related to their neighbor in some form or fashion.

The area around the intersection of Scott’s Ferry Road and Petersburg Road was known as District Number 3. In articles written by Dr H. R.Casey for the Columbia Sentinel in 1883, Dr Casey mentions District number 3 as being famous in the flush times of Columbia County and certainly stopping at Luke’s Store" for “a little fun and frolic must have been the thing to do in those days. The District Captain for Number 3 was Samuel Payne. The families in his district (in 1820) were : James Lamkin, Asa Avery, Jane Reid, James Luke, Cabel Eubank, Leonard Peek, John Gray, Rebecca Garnett, Nancy Garnett, Isaac Willingham, Richard Merriweather, Jacob Dunn and Robert Pollard.

On the west of District Number 3 was District Number 4 which is estimated to be the area rounding and to the west of what is today Pollard’s Corner. Later, these three districts became known as the 135th Georgia Militia District. It is this northern area of Columbia County that many early families can be found settling, acquiring land and raising their families. (Note)

The 1805 Tax List for Columbia Co., GA provides a clue as to the locations of Robert Clayton and his neighbors. In 1805 Robert Clayton is listed adjacent to Jesse Moon and Jesse Beck on Sullivan Creek in District Number 4 (Isaac Willingham's District). The map above shows the locations of Sullivan Creek, flowing northwest from the area of Winfield to join the Little River. To the east, Keg Creek flows eastward to join the Savannah River just south of the Little River. At the south, Greenbrier (Green Briar) Creek and Keokee Creek form a southern boundary. The families listed here are believed to have lived within this area. The area west of Sullivans Creek is thought to be District Number 5.

Families living on the Sullivan Creek watershed include:
Jesse Moon He was born in 1776 and was the son of Thomas Moon below. He married Rachel Willingham, daughter of John Willingham. Their daughter Elizabeth Moon married Augustus Clay, son of Charles Clay of Virginia and brother of Jessee Clay. John and Thomas Moon appear to have lived adjacent to each other and to John Moon and Isaac Willingham.
Thomas Moon born October 25, 1742 in Randolph County, North Carolina, and died 1855 in Columbia County, Georgia. He married (1) LUCRETIA December 26, 1769. He married (2) SARAH BROOKS Bef. 1790 in Columbia County, GA.
Amy Moon married to a William Richardson. abt 1813 in Columbia, GA..Her father was Thomas Moon. (Source: Bobbie Craig, evemerald@aol.com
John Moon John Moon is likely the son of John Sr. He was born about 1755 in NC and died in Columbia Co., GA in 1830. He is the brother of Thomas Moon. Columbia Co., Deed Book I p. 382-384 Thomas Willingham to James Mattett [my note: James Mallett] 5 Jan 1799 100 acres on the waters of Cagg Creek [my note: Keg Creek] Bordered SW by vacant and John Weldon, SE by old lines, NW by vacant land, NE by vacant and John Lander’s land Wit. James Ramsey, Isaac Willingham, John Moon, Thomas Willingham (Legal Seal)
John Jones From CENTURY OF COLUMBIA COUNTY, GEORGIA, WILLS 1790-1890 page 56:
JONES, John signed Aug 15, 1822 proved Oct 12, 1825
Daus.: Ann, wife of Thomas Willingham; Sarah, wife of Isaac Willingham
Sons: William; Cornelius
G-sons: Samuel Hawes; Grenville, Augustus, Williamson, and Ellington Jones
G-daus: Harriet and Elizabeth Hawes [note: these Hawes children were the children of Peyton Hawes and an unknown daughter of John Jones.]
Exrs: Son, Cornelius; sons-in-law, Thomas and Isaac Willingham
Wit: John Willingham; Patrick Daugherty] [John (son of Benjamin Jones) drew Lot #175 (Blank) in the 1805 Georgia Lottery
Isaac Willingham See John Moon note below [See John Jones note above] Isaac Willingham owned 331 1/2 acres on Sullivan Creek bordering John Jones and John Moon.
Enoch Spinks Enoch Spinks, son of John Spinks and Sarah Baker married a Christian or Christina Willingham June 18, 1795. Enoch Spinks is listed in Columbia County as a Head of Household in Georgia 1800. Spinks, Enoch - male; father: Spinks, John; mother: Sarah, ? spouse: Willingham, Christina (~1777 - 1838) - m. 18 JAN 1795 in Columbia Co, Ga
----------child: Spinks, Raleigh (1796 - )
----------child: Spinks, Cash (1805 - )
----------child: Spinks, Sarah
----------child: Spinks, Enoch (1812 - ) John Spinks was a son of Enoch Spinks of Guilford (later Randolph) County, N.C.
Lemuel Shipp Lemuel Shipp married an Elizabeth Wright. The family of Richard Shipp, a brother or uncle of Lemuel, lived adjacent to a Wright family in 1805. Lemuel Shipp's daughter Elizabeth married Wiley Roberts (brother of John Roberts) in Columbia County in 1807. (Source: DeCody Brad Marble <marbledb@bellsouth.net>). There was also a James Wright living on Little River in 1805.
John Willingham Willingham, John (~1754 - 1818) - male b. ABT. 1754 d. 21 DEC 1818 in Coluumbia Co. Ga
father: Willingham, Thomas (~1723 - ~1787) mother: Mary, ?

Columbia Co., GA Plats Book A page 102
Richmond County. Warrant from Charles Crawford, Esq. dated 3 Nov 1784 to John Willingham for 200 acres land surveyed by (?Mann) Sims DS 8 May 1784. Recorded 16 July 1785. John Walton CSr.

-In 1812 John Willingham of Columbia Co., GA made a deed gift of 550 acres to his sons William, Cash, John and Isaac. It was recorded after his death in 1818. William E. Willingham was a brother to John Willingham. There was a John Willingham named in the general orders issued by Col. Adam Penn, March 1781 Henry Co., Va. John Fontain's Co. James Rea, Thomas Doolings, George Pool, John Willingham, Thomas Leak, Thomas Parsley, Samuel Weaver, Stephen King, Alexander Barnes, Henry Mannings, Abram Payne, Wm. Graves, Joseph Rice, William. Bledsoe.
spouse: (Spinks?), Ann (? - ~1811) - m. BEF. 1787

----------child: Willingham, Wm. Brooks (1775 - 1838) m. Mary Moon
----------child: Willingham, Christina (~1777 - 1838) [Note: also called Christian]
----------child: Willingham, Lucretia (1779 - 1842) m. Jesse Moon
----------child: Willingham, Rachel (1780 - 1812) m Jesse Moon
----------child: Willingham, Angelina (1782 - ) m. Noah Butts
----------child: Willingham, John C. (~1784 - 1850) m. Sarah Brown
----------child: Willingham, Penelope (1788 - )
----------child: Willingham, Cashwell (1789 - 1847) m. Martha Moon 1812 Columbia Co., GA
----------child: Willingham, Isaac (1797 - 1860) ] m. Sarah Jones (daughter of John Jones)

Book F -1 John Willingham to William Willingham 15 May 1786 100 acres each side of a S. fork of Kegg Creek Wit. George Brasfield, Henry Spaldings John Willingham (X his mark) [Note: Martha Brasfield, daughter of George Brasfield, married Isaac Willingham ca 1787.]

John Willingham to Charles Spalding 15 May 1786 100 acres each side of S. fork of Cag Creek a boundary the dividing line between the said Spalding & Willingham Wit. George Brasfield, Henry Spalding, Wiliam Wilingham John Willingham (X his mark)

[pg 32][Columbia Co. Deed Book B]
Page 210: Deed dated 3 Dec. 1793 and recorded 5 Dec. 1793, bet. John Willingham, Junr. and Ann Willingham his wife of Col. Co. of one part and John Chattin of Pitsilvania Co. and State of Virginia of other, consid. of 70 lbs, convey tract in Col. Co. cont. 400 acres gtd. orig. to Mann (Sims) 17 Dec. 1784 and bounded by Sturgess line, O'Neils line, Jordans line. Signed: John (I) Willingham, Ann (A) Willingham. Wit: William Willingham, Clayborn Landers, Luke Landers.

Thomas Willingham
See John Moon above.

1 Aug 1786, Richmond Co. GA recorded 9 Oct 1810 Thomas Clayton of Craven County in Ninety Six District State of South Carolina to James Landers of Richmond Co. GA, 80 acres, lying on both sides of Sullivans Creek, adjacent to Isaac Justice, said Clayton, Stallors? line, whereon said Landers now lives.
John X Willingham Thomas X Clayton

Ann X Willingham Milly X Clayton
Thomas X Willingham

Proven by Thomas Willingham Sen. one of the within subscribing witnesses before me who being duly sworn sayeth he was present and saw Thomas Clayton & his wife sign seal and deliver the within deed to James Landers likewise saw John Willingham and his wife Ann Willingham sign their names as witnesses at the same time this deponent signed his name and further sayeth not sworn to before me this 12th day of August 1786. Thomas Willingham

Book I p. 382-384
Thomas Willingham to James Mattett 5 Jan 1799 100 acres on the waters of Cagg Creek Bordered SW by vacant and John Weldon, SE by old lines, NW by vacant land, NE by vacant and John Lander’s land Wit. James Ramsey, Isaac Willingham, John Moon
Thomas Willingham (Legal Seal)

William Willingham
See John Willingham above. William Willingham made a will in Columbia Co., GA in October, 1797, naming his executors as: wife Nancy, Isaac Willingham, and Eli Garnet; will witnessed by: William Jones, and John Eubank and naming his children as: Elijah, Thomas, Fanney, Elizabeth, Beaverly, George, John, William, Nancey, Caleph, Patcy, Judah, and Isaac.

He is listed as a trustee of Kiokee Baptist Church in 1789.

Joseph Hutchinson Possibly the Joseph Hutchinson b. 1772 in Prince William, Co., Virginia who married Frances Clark of Augusta, GA.
Thomas Shipp Land adjoined that of Richard Shipp. He married in Columbia Co., GA in January, 1807.
Richard Shipp Hw was born Feb 10, 1783 in Mecklenburg Co., VA; m. ca. 1804 to Rebecca Roberts in Columbia Co., GA. Children were: John C. SHIPP, b. 10 Mar 1805; William R. SHIPP, b. ca. 1807; Pleasant Moore SHIPP, b. ca. 1809; Abner B. C. SHIPP, b. 18 May 1810; Joseph R. SHIPP, b. ca. 1812; Richard C. SHIPP, b. 14 Feb 1818; and David C. SHIPP, b. ca. 1822

Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan lived adjacent to Thomas Clayton and William Farmer Jr. He is believed to be the brother of Cornelius Sullivan. Mark married Jemimah Tedder. Both are sons of Thomas Sullivan who, along with his brother Owen held headright grants as early as the 1760's. Owen D. Sullivan died late 1802 early 1803 in Washington Co., Tombigbee District Mississippi Territory.

Prior to 1790, the records show that Thomas, Owen, and Daniel received grants in St. Andrew's Parish. After 1790, the Sullivans began to sell their lands and moved on to Mississippi Territory (Alabama.)

Cornelius Sullivan Brother of Mark, he married Rachel Basset and Rachel Danley.
William Farmer Jr. Book O p. 354
Elijah Willingham to Thomas Jones 16 Nov 1807 100 acres on both sides of Sullivans Creek Bounded N. by William Lawrence, W. by William Farmer, S by John Roberts, E by Mark Sullivan Wit. John Roberts Jesse Roberts Elijah Willingham (Legal Seal) Jesse Roberts swore 10 Jan 1810 that he and John Roberts witnessed sale. Basil Neal, JP

[pg 51][Columbia Co. Deed Book C]
Pages 157-158: Feb. 19, 1793, John Sorrils of Columbia Co. to Thomas
Moore of same, for 14 pounds sterling, land on both sides of Sullivan's Creek, part of a grant to sd. John Sorrils by a deed bearing date Sept. 20, 1787, adj. Jordan's corner, 22 acres, John Sorrils (LS). Wit: William Farmer, Junr., Benjamin Garner. Rec. March 4, 1796.

Nancy Willingham Likely the widow of William Willingham who died after October 1797 and before February, 1798 in Columbia County, Georgia. A Nancy Willingham is listed in the Isaac Jones Bible as marrying Jesse Clay on November 18, 1813. Jesse Clay was the brother of Augustus Clay (who married Elizabeth Moon). Her mention in the Isaac Jones Bible makes it likely that her maiden name was Jones, Clayton, or Shaddix.
John Roberts See William Farmer (above). There was a John Roberts who died in Columbia Co., GA in 1821. He was the father of a William Roberts and a nephew to Shadrack Roberts and Jesse Roberts. (Source: Ted Kuhn <tedkuhn@bigfoot.com>). A Frances Clayton married a William Roberts in Richmond Co., GA in the early 1800's.
John Landers See John Willingham (above) in 1797 Thomas Clayton sold 120 acres on Sullivan Creek to James Landers. Rev. John Landers (b. 1757) and James Landers (b. 1761), both of Hanover Co., Virginia, were brothers. Their father Luke Landers migrated along with his family to what was later Columbia County, Georgia. The will of Luke Landers says "all property real and personal to wife, Rachel; Clayborne gets 100 acres of land along Sullivan's line to spring, straight along Jones' land, bay mare; rest 1/7th part of estate to daughter Mary Spalding; sons-John, James, Tyree, Clayborne; daughters Jane Mead, and Elizabeth and William Page. Execr. were Henry Spalding and son James Landers, witnesses were Abraham Farrar JP and Thomas Farrar. (Columbia Co., Ga., Will Book A. page 112, probated 10-18-1799)
James Landers Brother of John Landers. James (b. 1761) witnessed a land sale by Robert Clayton in November 1800 and he bought land from Thomas Clayton on Sullivan Creek in 1797. In an 1805 lawsuit in Columbia Co., GA, James Landers is listed as Forman along with Isaac Jones and Nathan Jones.
Luke Landers
He was born February 11, 1728/29 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died 1799 in Applington, Columbia Co., GA. He married RACHAEL PARIS1 October 18, 1752 daughter of SAMUEL PARRISH and RUTH. She was born July 09, 1732 in Louisa Co., Virginia, In a Columbia Co., Land record, Luke Landers bought from Owen Sullivan, 150 acres land both sides of Sullivan's Creek, "where said Owen Sullivan now lives". Witnesses to deed - John Landers and James Landers. (January 11, 1788 - Recorded May 18, 1814, Book P, Page 400) Source: Mrs. Pearl Baker, Geneologist, Thomason, Georgia (Columbia County).
Robert Clayton BENJAMIN CARTER to ROBERT CLAYTON 29 March 1799, Deed for 200 acres on Loyd's Creek adjoining Samuel Thomas. Witnessed: Robert Hughes, Wm. Dousing and Jacob Bennett. Mary Carter also signs as a grantee and by mark. Registered March 12, 1802. Pages 419-20.

ROBERT CLAYTON of Columbia County to GEORGE CONN CARPENTER of Richmond County. 10 November 1800. Deed for 200 acres on Loyd's Creek adjoining Samuel Thomas. Witnessed: Andrew Booth, James Landers and Thomas Hall (by mark). Nancy Clay[ton] also signs as grantor and by mark. Registered April 12, 1802/ Pages 424-25
Elijah Law
When Elijah Law died in Morgan County, Georgia around 1820/30, the administrators of his estate were: Charles Roberts and Richard Shipp.
William Binion Passports Issued 1799: "On an application from William Binion Jr, esquire accompanying recommendation from sundry Inhabitants of Columbia County Ordered that passports be prepared for Captain William Binion Junr and Mr. John Roberts, and Mr. Thomas Sullivan as linguist & pilot to them through the Creek Nation unto the settlement on the Tom Bigby and back to this State -- which were presented and signed -- This indicates that Sullivan, Roberts, and Binion had been traveling back and fourth to the Settlements at St. Stephens for some time.
David Satterwhite born ca 1766, he received a grant of 200 acres in 1787. He married Rebecca (possibly a Willingham).
James Flemming
Families living in the Little River watershed were
Isaac Jones Living in Morgan Co., GA by 1808, he died there in 1821. He was the father of nine children who settled in Pike Co., GA. He appears on the 1805 tax list adjacent to Nathan Jones.
William Shaddock (Shaddix) One of three Shaddix brothers living in the area. The others were John and James. "July 7th 1791, Reube Dyer, late of Richmond County, now of Tennessee River, Mobile District, sells to Nathan Harris for 60 pounds, a tract of land between Kegg Creek, and Little River, Granted to Thomas Chadwick."
John Shaddock (Shaddix) John was the brother of William Shaddix (above). He married Nancy Clayton who was the daughter of Thomas.
Thomas Clayton
Thomas Clayton was in Columbia Co., GA by 1784. He is listed in a deed as being from Ninety-Six District, SC
William Jones
A William Jones is listed as living on Little River in the 1805 Land Lottery.
Robert Jones, Sr.
A Robert Jones, Sr. is listed as living on Little River in the 1805 Land Lottery. Also listed is "Robert, son of Robert." This younger Robert is listed in the record adjacent to Isaac Jones.
Nathan Jones Likely related to Isaac Jones above. They are listed adjacent to each other on the 1805 Tax List and later in the 1820 census for Morgan Co., GA. Nathan Jones was born before 1775 according to the 1820 census.
Ignatious Few Ignatious Alphonso Few b. 1750 in Maryland was a Revolutionary War soldier. He died on February 18, 1810 in Columbia County. A March 11, 1801 deed states "Many years ago, James Belcher sold to Ignatius Few 380 acres on Little River, in Parish of St. Paul granted me April 4, 1775."
Thomas Shaddix
A March 18, 1800 deed indicates that Nathan Harris sold 100 acres on Little River to Samuel Payne. This lot was originally granted to Thomas Chadwick (Shaddix?) on October 4, 1774. This land was transferred to Reuben Dyer on August 10, 1778, then to Harris on July 17, 1791.
Jesse Farmer
David York
John Bender
William Fleming pg 165][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 396-397: Will of James Fleming. Made Dec. 23, 1857, probated March 1, 1858...wife Louisa H. Fleming...son James G. Fleming... children of my brother William Fleming and children of my brother Benjamin F. Fleming...friend Edward H. W. Hunter, Exr...guardian of person and property of my son James G. Fleming until he is fourteen years old...James Fleming (Seal). Wit: William A. Wilkins, Joseph H. Willims, Robert Jordan.
William Laurence William Lawrence - See William Farmer (below) - lived on land bordering Elijah Willingham on the North side of Sullivan's Creek near Thomas Clayton.
William Jones May be the son of John Jones above.
William Ogle
Elijah Willingham See William Farmer (above). He was the son of William Willingham and Nancy.
Thomas Jones See William Farmer (above)
William Farmer Sr.
Families living in the Keg Creek watershed:
Samel McDonald
Samuel McDonald was in Columbia County, Georgia in 1806. He owned 31 1/4 acres on Keg Creek between Capt. Harbert Avery and David Roberts. There was also a William and Stephen McDonald. His father may have been Alexander McDonald, later of Jasper Co. This was apparently the patriarch of the McDonalds: there was a large land grant dated September 9, 1784 in Columbia Co. in the names of Alexander McDaniel, Mary McDaniel and Darling McDaniel (letter of Gay Kennedy, March 11, 1998).
James Mallett James Mallett married Charity Ramsey, daughter of Randolph Ramsey in Georgia. James and Charity had a son named Isaac Newton Mallett who was an adult by 1821 in Lincoln Co., GA.
John Weldon
Other Families living in the area
John Killingsworth He is listed serving on a jury with Isaac Jones, Nathan Jones, James Landers, and others in 1805. He was born in NC, married Sarah ( she later became a Rozar).
Shadrick Roberts
He died in Columbia Co., GA. He was married around 1795 to Delilah ""Dilly" Landers, daughter of Luke Landers. On a 1805 Jury, there is a Chad' Roberts which is likely him.

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