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1805 Georgia Land Lottery

Each of the individuals who drew in the 1805 land lottery in GA are listed in a manuscript which is located at the Georgia Department of Archives and History in Atlanta, GA. Entries in the manuscript are grouped by the first letter of the surname. Within each group, entries are arranged by county and are numbered serially with a "registrant's serial number." this appears to be the order in which they were registered. Many fathers and sons appear grouped together. Also, people living geographically close to each other appear grouped together in some cases. It is clear that they are not arranged in alphabetical order by first name. The Jones names in Columbia Co., GA are numbered in the range of 114 to 180 (inclusive). The notes by each name are in the original manuscript. The notes in the right column are my own and are undocumented (by me) as indicated. Name # Draw My Notes (undocumented):

Nathan Jones 114 BB
Joseph Jones 115 BB
Hezekiah Jones 116 BB
Edward Jones 117 BB
William Jones 118 B
Samuel Jones 119 BB May have been the Samuel Jones who married Mary Mote. His son Jonathan was born in the Columbia County area in 1783. A Samuel Jones was listed in the 1805 tax list in District 11 on Greenbrier. Thomas Jones Sr., of Haw Branch 120 BB
William Jones of Germany's Creek 122 BB 18 Oct 1796 deed mentions land on Greenbriar Creek which was once conveyed to William Jones on 7 Mar 1786...then sold to John Niday. Robert Jones Son of Thomas of Haw Branch 123 B He married Susannah Allen. Thomas Jones, Jr. Son of Thomas 124 BP
Ambrose Jones of Kiokee 126 BB Born 1747, he was the son of Ambrose Jones Sr., of Virginia. His brothers include Gabriel, James, Stephen, Reuben. He lived on the North side of Big Kiokee Creek. Richard Jones (son of Ambrose) 127 B He married Nancy Norment. A Richard Jones was living in District 11 in 1806. James Jones 128 BB
Anna Jones (widow) 129 BB
John Jones (son of Anna) 130 B
Thomas Jones 131 BB
James Jones, Jr. (son of Thomas) 134 B
Thomas Jones (son of John) 135 B
William Jones (son of Stephen) 136 BB
John Jones 133 BB
Adam Jones
BB Born in Virginia, he married Nancy Harrison Abraham Parham 139

Doughtery, John 140 BB
Samuel Jones, Sr., of Upton Creek 145 BB
Simon (Simeon) Jones 147 BB Adam Jones, of Warren Co., GA had a son named Simon who was born in 1795. Perhaps this Simon Jones is connected. Anna Jones (widow of Basil) 148 BB Basil Jones married Ann Sewall on April 14, 1795 in Columbia Co., GA. He lived on Greenbrier Creek. He died before 11/7/1797 when Sheriff Anderson Crawford put his land up for auction. Ann, his widow, was the high bidder. William Jones of Little River 150 PB
Joel Jones 152 BP
Nimrod Jones 153 BB Born about 1760, he married Charlotte Bullock in Georgia in 1791. Francis Jones, Jr. 154 BB Born 1788, son of Francis and Sarah Jones. He married Rachel. He was a Quaker. David Jones, Jr. 155 B Likely the brother of Francis above. John Jones (Quaker) 156 B
Thomas Jones (Quaker) 157 BB
James Jones (Quaker) 158 B
Francis Jones, Sr., 159 BP A Francis Jones b. ca 1755 married Rachel Mote in Georgia. Her sister, Mary had married a Samuel Jones. Henry Jones 160 B Son of William, he married Mary Sullivan in 1807. Newton Jones 161 BB
Richard Jones (Wheelwright) 162 BB He was the son of Llewelyn Jones. He married Mary Short in Richmond Co., GA in 1787. A Richard Jones was living in District 11 in 1806. Thomas Jones (Hatter) 163 BB
Mark Jones of Greenbrier 164 BB
William Jones of Greenbrier 165 BB
William Jones 170 BB
John Jones (Son of Francis) 171 BB He was b. ca 1746. He was the son of Francis Jones and Mary Robins. He married Susannah Strobar. He had half-siblings: Francis Jones , Jr. b: ABT. 1765 in NC, Elizabeth Jones, Matthew Jones, Phillip Jones, Sukey Jones, William Jones, Mary Jones, James Jones , R.S. b: 28 APR 1764 in SC Robert Jones (Son of Robert) 172 BB He married Rachel Langston in 1799 in Columbia Co., GA. He had a son Samuel b. 1808. (Source: Lynda Fredendall <>) Isaac Jones 173 B Born about 1783, he died in 1821 in Morgan County, Georgia. He married Malinda Clayton, daughter of Thomas Clayton and Milly. Aquilla Jones 174 B An Aquilla Jones died in Warren County, Georgia in 1806. His wife has Hannah. John Jones, Son of Benjamin 175 BB
Orphans of John Jones 176 BB
Nathan Jones 177 BB A Nathan Jones of Warren Co., GA married Catherine Greathouse, daughter of Jacob Greathouse of Wrightsboro Quaker Settlement, Columbia Co., GA before 1802. The Greathouse family owned land on Germany Creek in present-day McDuffie County, Georgia Evan Jones 178 BB
David Jones (wagonmaker) 179 BB
Mark Jones of Headstall Creek 180 BB

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